The D'Urkani

A clan of half-orcs that were the original founders of New Hommlet

The D’Urkani were a tribe of half-orcs that were primarily nomads. They were adventurers and travelled the world together to learn more about the land and scribe everything they see to inform others. Known both as fierce warriors and as scholars, they were welcomed in most towns they stopped in for rests on their journeys. The D’Urkani were led by the most intelligent and powerful of the half-orcs – Horgack Blackfist. He led them with honour and intended to take them to places untouched by civilization to learn the secrets of the world.

A hundred years ago they came upon a small village under attack by an army of orcs, undead, and elementals – all allied together to massacre the townspeople. Being a righteous leader, Horgack could not lead his clan away from this tragedy, allowing hundreds of people to die to such a slaughter. Quickly, he came up with a plan and the D’Urkani rushed to the aid of the townspeople. The D’Urkani being fierce warriors fought the battle unscathed, until they came to the center of town and met with a necromantic elemental shaman by the name of Lareth the Beautiful. He confronted the D’Urkani, summoned a hoard of elementals, and the Battle for Hommlet took place. Mid-battle from across the village came a young barbarian and a wise wizard – they had just secured the safety of the other half of the town, and barreled down into the fight to join the D’Urkani.

In the end, the barbarian Burne Stonefist and the wizard Solomon Wick managed to fight back the hordes of elementals as Horgack Blackfist confronted Lareth in a fierce one-on-one battle. Horgack managed to land a mighty blow to Lareths face, gouging an eye from his head – but not before Lareth tore an arm from Goracks body and fled to the hills.

The aftermath of the battle left the village torched to ashes, most of the villagers dead, and a large portion of the D’Urkani wiped out. It was the hardest hit the tribe had ever taken.

Solomon Wick used his magics to care for as many of Horgacks men as possible, and crafted an arm of animated stone for Horgack – doing the best he could to repay them. The remainder of the villagers, including Solomon and Burne, intended to leave to village to find a new settlement as everything belonging to them had been destroyed.

In a turn of events, Horgack saw something in the people of Hommlet and insisted they stay. They could build a new home. And they would defend it with their lives in honour of those that were lost. And so, New Hommlet was born, and what was left of the D’Urkani settled there and made it a home for all travellers.

Morkton Blackfist
Morgul Featherpin

The D'Urkani

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