New Hommlet


A small rustic village in central Nordsun, New Hommlet is found in the midst of Grinwood Forest.

Bandits riddle the area, attacks by the wild animals of the forest are consistent, and it can be difficult to keep a steady stream of supplies during the winter seasons. It may be difficult, but the people of New Hommlet are generally happy for what they have – there are definitely folk whom are much worse off.

Hommlet has a long history of struggle, and so the people there know what it means to earn their way.

Help from adventurers has never hurt though, as sometimes the risk of losing your life to get food on the table is much too high.

Alchemy Shop
Chantry of Erastil
Druid Enclave
Hommlet General
Inn of the Welcome Wench
Pioneer Peak

New Hommlet

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