Inn of the Welcome Wench

The doors to Inn of the Welcome Wench are lit up with large burning torches.

Stepping inside you are hit by a wall of warmth. People are scattered about the place conversing about various topics – hard to hear over the man playing the flute in the back of the room.

An ogre of a man is at one of the back tables arm wrestling people for silver. Looks like he hasn’t lost yet. He grins in your direction as you enter, while he slams down the arm of another poor loser.

A large man is behind the bar, and there are stairs in the back that seem to lead up to rooms to rent.

The air is thick with smoke and laughter. Seems no different than the usual inn.

Burne Stonefist
Gargamel Dorian
Morkton Blackfist
Dolby the Quick

Inn of the Welcome Wench

Holbreck, and the Unsuspected tremulant